Private office

Our office solution provides the peace of mind you need to work efficiently alone or as a team.

Get all furniture you need from us or bring your own.

Enjoy the peace and freedom to organise your space just the way you want it. Let your space inspire you and be that tiny advantage in your quest for the best results.

“Lock” yourself when you need it and join the others in the lounge area when you are in the mood to meet new people and grow your network.

Price: from 5600,-/month (excl. VAT)

Before you decide if this is something that you believe would work for you, apply for a 14-days 100% FREE trial and feel what is it like to be part of Bærum International Hub.

Enjoy shared or private office in the Hub 14 days for FREE

Yes, 100% FREE! No upfront fee, deposit, binding contract, nothing!

What to expect when you join: